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What if we embolden every woman to boldly steer her own story? What if we encourage one another to transform our fears into fuel and our whys into why nots? Because we know that being daring doesn’t mean living without doubts. Being confident doesn’t mean always being in control. And being brave doesn’t mean you’re never afraid. Our individual stories make us stronger, our positivity gives us power, and our future is so much bigger than our fears. And together, we can empower every woman to proudly turn her dreams into reality and live her life… fearlessly.

Cristina & Jessica
Family matters
Our Story

Cristina Sanchez & Jessica Tindel are longtime friends, meeting at their first job more than 17 years ago. Since that time, and with true entrepreneurial spirit, they’ve gone on to create several brands with a passion for empowering women and creating jobs in their community.