Building a Brand - Come along on this ride with us!

This time is different.

This is OUR story and we’re taking YOU along for the ride. We’ve created multiple six-figure brands in the past but THIS time, you get behind the scenes access as we bring our passion for empowering women, fashion, and business to life with PopCharms. The good, the bad, and the’s all here.

In this week’s Episode of POP Live , meet owners Cristina Sanchez and Jessica Tindel as they talk about the ONE thing you can do to grow and love yourself on a consistent basis, taking MASSIVE action to change the direction of your life, and the 20-Second thing you can do every morning to stay focused on your WHY, all day long.

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We want to know YOU! Send an email to with your short story (15 sentences or less) telling us the meaning behind a charm on your bracelet. It can be a significant event, accomplishment, or memory to a milestone, or special relationship. If your story is chosen to be featured, you get a $50 gift card!

Stories inspire and build empathy. They give us a window into a life often different than our own. Stories break down barriers, helping us all understand each other and the world just a little bit better.

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