How to Instantly Dominate Stress and Slay the Day

I thought about doing this for awhile before following through with it but now that it’s done, I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner.

This ONE small change has completely changed my mindset, reduced stress, and freed me to be more focused and efficient.

Time for a Digital Detox!

Unfollow negative or distracting social media. Unfollow the Facebook moms group that is full of drama. Say goodbye to those with rants, humblebrags, and comment wars. If you read something and it leaves you feeling a little bad about yourself, unfollow! This negative kind of social media trickles down into other parts of your life and is such a burden.

I know what you’re thinking, but what if I miss something important? What if they realize I’m unfollowing them? Isn’t your happiness worth more than all of that?

Cleaning your feed means freeing up emotional energy. It’s truly amazing how much happier and peaceful you’ll feel all day leaving you time to focus on your goals, real-life relationships, and self-love!

For even more happiness, consider replacing with pages and people that make you laugh, inspire, or bring joy.

You will not miss those very casual relationships and pointless pages that don’t give you meaningful content. This one small change will give you huge results!