Meet Victoria - The 1 in 4

"I am that 1 in 4 - I am a woman who has lost a baby."

I have survived the unimaginable. I have tiny footprints on my heart.

I lost my daughter Ruby at 31 weeks due to complications from CMV. She was here one minute and gone the next - her face was perfect and beautiful, a sleeping angel. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of Ruby. I wear her story on my PopCharms bracelet – my “Angel Wings” charm is a reminder of my beautiful angel and also a reminder of my own strength.

No one expects to lose a child and no one can prepare you for the emptiness you feel inside. It forces you to find strength at the darkest of moments. It forces you to put on a brave face even when you don’t think you possibly can.

In honor of Ruby, I’m raising awareness and sharing her story with the world.


Pregnancy and infant loss is something that no one wants to talk about, but that many have experienced. We shouldn’t have to suffer in silence. If you are also that 1 in 4, I’m here with you. You are not alone.

In honor of Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month.

Victoria Foster
• Mom to 4, one with wings
• Pregnancy & Infant Loss/CMV advocate
• Takes all day to drink an iced latte

Everyone has a story. What’s yours?


We want to know YOU! Send an email to with your short story (15 sentences or less) telling us the meaning behind a charm on your bracelet. It can be a significant event, accomplishment, or memory to a milestone, or special relationship. If your story is chosen to be featured, you get a $50 gift card!

Stories inspire and build empathy. They give us a window into a life often different than our own. Stories break down barriers, helping us all understand each other and the world just a little bit better.

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