Morning Routine| 5 Ways to Shine On All Day Long

Morning Routine| 5 Ways to Shine On All Day Long

*alarm is ringing*...Aren’t you excited? No? I get it. Mornings can be rough. But what if I told you that your morning routine can completely change your life? That hour or two of routine when you first wake can set you up to be more productive, more joyful, and ultimately more successful. Read on to find out how you can turn your dreaded alarm from “ugh” to “yay” and keep your SHINE ON all day long.

Wake up Earlier than Anyone Else in Your House

I don’t want to speak a word to any human until I’ve had a cup of coffee and an hour to ease into the day. Waking up at the same time as my chatty, “morning happy” husband is a sure way to start my day cranky with little chance of recovery. My kids are pretty cute but if I woke at the same time as them, I’d likely ruin the start of their day as well because I just can’t fake being nice in the morning!

If waking up an hour earlier feels like an impossible feat, start by waking up 15 minutes earlier. When that feels okay, bump it up in 15 minute increments until you’re successfully hoping out of bed a whole hour before anyone else in the house. This one hour of quiet “me time” is the MOST important part of your morning routine. You’re going to feel amazing and that feeling will carry you throughout the day from being more effective to feeling happier and positively impacting your relationships.

Now that you’ve bought yourself an hour in the morning, consider these activities :


I don’t want to get to “woo woo” on you but a meditation habit is the most glorious thing you can do for yourself. Think of meditation as some quiet minutes to turn off your brain and just be with the moment. This can be really challenging because we are usually thinking about the past or the future. Keeping your mind in the “now” has mental and physical benefits because it uses parts of the brain you don’t typically use. Meditation helps reduce stress, boosts your creativity, and improves sleep. Focus on your breathing, in and out, this is the easiest way to stay in the moment. You will be amazed at how 5-10 minutes of meditation in the morning will benefit your mood for the rest of the day.

After you complete your meditation, spend a moment in gratitude. Say it out loud or write it down in a journal. Of course you’re grateful for the big things, like your family and a roof over your head, but try choosing small things that seem inconsequential like the cherry blossoms outside of your office window or the person who let you cut in line at the store because you forgot that one ingredient for last night’s dinner. This trains your mind to see beauty in everyday moments and after just a short time, you’ll find your overall happiness level has gone up big time!

I Like to Move it, Move it

Let’s get moving! Even if it’s only 15 minutes of a brisk walk or lunges back and forth across your living room, you will boost your energy for the entire day! Not only that, exercise is shown to improve memory, reduce stress and anxiety, and fight depression. Don’t let resistance get in your way. Just START a little work out in the morning and you will feel the benefits all day long.

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Fuel Up

Don’t dive into your day without breakfast. Your brain is depending on you. A high fiber and low sugar breakfast will keep your energy up and your attention focused on your goals!

Know Where You’re Going

Commit your to- do list to paper and you are more likely to achieve your day’s goals. Your daily goals are just small steps to your bigger goals so they REALLY add up. When you write down your to-do’s you are decreasing overwhelm and making the most of your precious time.

Now that you’ve completed your morning routine, you are ready to conquer the world! Put your PopCharms bracelet  on, filled with your biggest dreams, brightest goals, and your “WHYs.” When you need a little motivation, just look down at your bracelet. You are fearless! You are ready to SLAY this day. Nothing is impossible. It’s the small things we do every day that add up to something BIG. Shine’ve got this. It all starts out with your morning routine.  

Morning Routine| 5 Ways to Shine On All Day Long

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